I've never been abducted by aliens (as far as I'm aware ) and have never travelled through time – if you discount the forwards time-travel that we all perform every second of our lives. But I do have a curious world nestling in my mind, and lI ove the question "what if?" (which is a pretty useful quality to have  if you write science fiction stories).

I asked myself "what if reincarnation actually existed?" and wrote my first science fiction trilogy 'The Recarn Chronicles' (comprising of the books 'Revelation', 'Revolution', and 'Resolution'). I asked myself "what if a young man lived such a sheltered and restricted life that he had never ever seen another human being in real life – and suddenly found a young woman in his kitchen?" Nineteen days later – yes, NINETEEN days  – the first draft of 'Reality Sandwich' was written.

More recently, I asked myself "what if Artificial Intelligence became sapient? How would humans react?". That, my friends, is a 64,000 dollar question – so I wrote 'The Girl With Acrylic Eyes' (which has since  evolved into a trilogy).

And yet somehow I manage to squeeze in time for this thing called life between writing sessions.

I live with Eliene, a successful amateur athlete who understands my urge to write and encourages me completely, Even Tabitha, our cat, is supportive and resists the urge to sleep on my computer keyboard, instead choosing to relax by my feet when I'm writing.

A British expat who has lived in northeast Brazil for 12 years, I grew up in Maidenhead in England, before moving to the south coast (Portsmouth) at the age of thirty. 

An avid Spurs fan (Tottenham Hotspur Football Club) I make time to watch all their matches that are shown on Brazilian TV (which is most of them) and enjoy cheering on Eliene whenever she is running a race. 

And my curious world? It's still birthing ideas and providing plenty of "what if" questions. That well won't run dry for many a year yet!