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Arnold The Undead


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Becoming a zombie was bad enough, but Arnold isn't prepared for what comes next

In this comedy-horror, which could be described as “An American Werewolf In London” meets “Weekend At Bernie’s”, recently deceased Arnold finds that death is definitely not what he expected it to be.


Notwithstanding his body being stolen by a pair of dubious characters who sell him to soft-porn movie-makers to use as a prop in their latest low budget sex movie, he discovers that his new-found zombie status adds further complications to his family life. Add to the mix an unexpected encounter with Trevor the vampire, who introduces him to a surprisingly civilized world of blood-suckers, and Arnold’s life — indeed, his death — takes turns that he couldn't have imagined in his wildest dreams or even nightmares.

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4.8 Rating


Overview: Newly deceased software tester and family man, Arnold Leadbetter, digs himself out of his grave with the intention of returning to his former life. But, things will never be the same... Especially with Arnold being dead and all.

Author Greg Krojac writes a creative and unique dark comedy around Norse traditions and the standard folklores of zombies, vampires, and werewolves when a poor soul rises from his grave and discovers he’s still sentient. His main character, Arnold, is a likable sort who manages to seamlessly plod through his before-afterlife adventures by combining a series of supernatural and human friends who help him adjust to life as a zombie and the many fracases that develop as a result of his, er... condition.

Krojac demonstrates a keen sense of humor as he puts together a macabre yet somewhat charming story of a man unintentionally suspended between death and, well... death. In the end, only a Norse ritual can solve Arnold’s problems, and Author Krojac describes the situation in great detail while digging into historical lore.

“Arnold The Undead” is a real page-turner and I read this book in a matter of an hour. The story does contain adult situations and language with violence. As a parent, I would review this book prior to allowing my teen to read it. For those readers with a dark sense of humor and likability for situations that go from bad to worse, “Arnold The Undead” definitely fits the bill. I highly recommend this read for anyone—ages 13 and up—who fancies a great horror story with a dark comedic edge

('Arnold The Undead' was previously published under the title 'WTF?', the version of which was the copy reviewed)

Jeannie Richards

I enjoyed Krojac’s 'Arnold The Undead'. Because it’s a fantastical, quirky romp through Arnold Leadbetter’s misadventures now that he’s no longer alive. Or is he? The poor soul must endure one torment after another, from porn stars to vampires to werewolves, all while finding the love of his (after)life.

However, fun as his journey is, it’s not without a touch of sadness, which is where my enjoyment and the story parted ways. Face it: I’m a hopeless romantic. At times I did feel that Arnold lacked his own agency, which is probably appropriate given his ill-fated circumstances, but by the end of his ride, his story becomes someone else’s entirely. I wanted to see Arnold, who probably didn’t grab life by the rails while alive, take charge of his fate when he had nothing left to lose.

But that’s all subjective anyway. It’s a dark comedy and as such the ending holds to its genre, which means it should appeal well to those who will like the off-beat, gothic path this twisted and highly imaginative story treads. 

('Arnold The Undead' was previously published under the title 'WTF?', the version of which was the copy reviewed)

Brent A Harris

I enjoyed reading 'Arnold The Undead' by Greg Krojac. Normally, I don't read shorter stories. However, I found this one fascinating. I was riding along with my husband who drives an 18 wheel truck. This story kept me entertained and I found myself updating him on the book's storyline. He was amused by the story and my enthusiasm. I would recommend this story to anyone needs some bubble gum for their brain.

('Arnold The Undead' was previously published under the title 'WTF?', the version of which was the copy reviewed)


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