Voyager One: The Homecoming

Coming Soon!

'Voyager One: The Homecoming' is a reworking of Immune (which has been withdrawn from sale).  


Thirteen billion miles from Earth, an Argon battle-cruiser commander’s gaze is fixed upon the space probe that is trapped under the influence of a tractor beam. He turns to his second-in-command, murmurs something unintelligible, and watches as a panel on the probe opens of its own accord. He grins, satisfied in the knowledge that his plan is progressing well.

On Earth, upon opening the panel of the space probe bobbing up and down in the icy waters of the Bering Sea, NASA scientist Sitara Khan is surprised to find that the compartment is empty. Unknown to her, she has opened a deadly Pandora’s box.

Part alien invasion and part pandemic survival, this story tells of the struggle of a diverse group of humans and a friendly alien as they make their way to Washington DC in the hope of finding some kind of organised rebellion against the invaders.