(Previously published as 'The Schrödinger Enigma')


Introduced by one of the story's characters:

“Hi. I’m Sitara. I’m going to keep walking as we talk, if that’s alright with you. If I stop, I’ll probably never start walking again.

I had to get away. Bethesda is full of dead people. Everywhere is. Probably the whole world for all I know.

The disease is terrible. It kills everybody. Well, almost everybody. For some reason I’m still alive. Maybe I’m immune. I don’t know. It’s ironic really, because I think I may be the reason it started. You know, patient zero.

Is that a car coming up behind me? I don’t know. I wonder if they’ll stop. To be honest, I don’t care if they’re good people or bad. At least they’re alive. I need to see somebody alive again.

They’re stopping…”


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