(Previously published as 'The Schrödinger Enigma')



In retrospect, taking the Voyager 1 space probe back to the JPL lab in Pasadena, CA was a bad idea. Plucking it from the icy Alaskan waters of the Behring Sea was an even worse one. If it had been left submerged, millions of people would still be alive and would have avoided the horrendous undignified and painful death that they suffered. But Sitara, the NASA scientist who retrieved the probe, couldn’t have known that. Just as she couldn’t have known that she was an asymptomatic carrier of a rampant alien virus – a biological weapon to soften up humanity in advance of an alien invasion by the Argons.


Fearing that she is the lone survivor of the ensuing pandemic, she is overjoyed at finding out that others are still alive when she meets up with Jason, a British ex-paratrooper, and an alien, Stap, who opposes his people’s invasion of Earth. They head for Washington DC, picking up an Amish family on the way, believing that there must be some kind of organised resistance there – after all, it is the country’s capital.


When they get to DC, they find that the city is infested with Argons – what can they do now? Just surviving will be a major achievement.


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