Novellas (e-books and paperbacks)


'ORIGINS', the first book in a series of eight novellas, 'The Eclipse Collection'

Eclipse was born deaf and mute in the Blue City on planet Duoterra in the Twinsol System. Doctors have never been able to find a physical reason as to why she can't hear or speak. But she's a smart kid and never lets her oral and auditory deficiencies get in the way of communicating with the outside world.

​At the age of six orbits, an incident at a doctor's appointment results in her having to leave the Blue City for her own safety.


Telepaths are forbidden in the city and, if she stays, she risks being arrested, experimented upon, or even killed. She joins a community of similarly exiled telepaths who live in the surrounding desert until, at the age of twenty orbits, something happens that means her life will never be the same again - her telepathic abilities become augmented and she finds herself drawn into the fight for telepath rights.


It's Sereia's 18th birthday and she does something that she hasn't done for five years – she falls out of bed, waking her up ten minutes before her alarm is due to go off.

Her duvet is wrapped around her when she falls and she assumes that this is why she can't move her legs. But when she disentangles herself from the duvet, she is in for a shock – her legs have disappeared and, in their place, she has grown a fish tail overnight.

She's supposed to be meeting her friends for a night out – how's she going to explain that she's turned into a mermaid overnight?


It's just another day at Lowell Observatory, Arizona until Amy, one of the astrophysicists on duty, notices something on a computer screen that shouldn't be there.  It's an asteroid, a Near-Earth Object, and its orbit trajectory will lead it to collide with Earth.


And it's as big as the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs.

NASA's Planetary Defense Coordination Office springs into action with three potential solutions - detonating an explosive device near the asteroid to break it up into smaller, less dangerous chunks, firing lasers to heat up and vaporize the space rock enough to change its orbital path, or sending a spacecraft to slam into the asteroid, knocking it off its trajectory.

Nations rally round to help ensure humankind's survival and a project to build a kinetic impact rocket gets underway. However, there are forces at work that want to prevent the launch of the rocket and write humankind's death warrant.. What are these forces and, perhaps more importantly, why would they want to sabotage the plan to save Earth? Is Earth doomed?


Judd Remington is a throwback, different from his fellow Duoterrans in that he has the round eyes of his Terran ancestors, and not the cat-like eyes of the majority of the planet’s inhabitants.

Finding a niche for himself, he sets himself up as a courier, ferrying packages and documents between the planet’s settlements, via the inter-city corridor network that protects travellers from the searing heat of the surrounding desert.

It’s a dangerous job, not just because of potential bear-wolf attacks but the risk of being ambushed by sifters, roving bandits who prey on the corridors. And this time his cargo is different.

In a Mad Max-style story, Judd is willing to risk his own life if necessary in order to protect a precious graphene package and deliver it to Paradise Cove.


In this comedy-horror, which could be described as “An American Werewolf In London” meets “Weekend At Bernie’s”, recently deceased Arnold finds that death is definitely not what he expected it to be.


Notwithstanding his body being stolen by a pair of dubious characters who sell him to soft-porn movie-makers to use as a prop in their latest low budget sex movie, he discovers that his new-found zombie status adds further complications to his family life. Add to the mix an unexpected encounter with Trevor the vampire, who introduces him to a surprisingly civilized world of blood-suckers, and Arnold’s life — indeed, his death — takes turns that he couldn't have imagined in his wildest dreams or even nightmares.


Aristotle is a Temporal Private Investigator. His normal jobs tend to be investigating cheating spouses by travelling back in time to catch them in flagrante delicate. A messy job but someone has to do it.

He's in the British Library, researching background information for a new case, when the text and images on the page he's reading disappear before his very eyes.

Members of Project Clockwise, the team that discovered time travel are being wiped from existence.

Can Aristotle stop the erasures and save time travel and his job?


Reece Pargeter is a normal seventeen-year-old schoolboy who has no real idea what he wants to do with his life. But that all changes when he has a consultation with a career advice counsellor and discovers that his destiny is already mapped out for him.. He is to become a Reaper, reporting to Mr Grimm.

Leaving the corporeal world behind for the ethereal, the young apprentice Reece learns how to reap and soon discovers he's not best suited for the job. However, reaping isn't the kind of job where a resignation letter is enough to leave.

The Reaper has been described as a sci-fi parable on the consequences of personal freedom taken to extremes.

Is freedom of choice an illusion?