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In this sci-fi thriller with a twist of urban fantasy set on a far distant planet, Ooze, a teacher from the lowly Sector D, stumbles upon a young woman, lost in the never-ending thick blanket of fog that covers the sector. He immediately realizes that she’s not from his sector. She accepts his offer to wait at his house until visibility improves — the fog never fully clears. He discovers that she is from the affluent Sector A and agrees to journey across Sectors C and B with her to her own sector, in defiance of the colony’s immigration policies.


However, the girl is not who she seems to be and the couple are pursued by the Weatherman, an assassin who is determined that they shouldn’t reach their destination.


A flash of blinding light followed by a mushroom cloud changes life for ever in the UK, as a nuclear winter descends upon the country, a giant ash cloud severely restricting daylight, leaving everything bathed in twilight, no matter the time of day.

​Glenn, a regular guy who is addicted to watching YouTube videos, Catarina, a Brazilian on vacation in the U.K., and Princess, a disabled stray dog chance upon each other after a nuclear attack and travel west, towards Land's End, hoping  to get as far away as possible from ground zero. With no national infrastructure left, it's every man and woman for themselves. With vehicles disabled by EMPs,as a result of the explosion, their only choice is to make their journey on foot, 

With a journey of almost three hundred miles ahead of them, a journey that's fraught with danger - not only from brutal invaders but also from other citizens who, in their desperation to survive, resort to theft and murder. - the odds are stacked against the trio reaching their destination in one piece.


Eloise Hudson, Caucasian, female, twenty-five years old, winces with pain as she feels the blade draw across her skin. She has no idea why her captor took her or why he tortures her so. She doesn’t know him and has done nothing to harm or offend him – not as far as she knows, anyway. Perhaps her very existence is enough to sign her death warrant.

In this sci-fi thriller, a serial killer is terrorizing a city but the police have no leads until the murderer makes a mistake and leaves DNA on the body of his latest victim. However, analysis of the sample does nothing to help the police investigation. The perpetrator is not in the system – an impossibility, since everybody is in the system.

How can the police catch the killer if they have no identifying data? A forensic scientist comes up with an innovative solution which takes the criminal investigation into the ethical minefield of human cloning.


As a sexbot, Coppélia must be completely compliant to her clients’ demands, no matter what they may be. But this time it’s different. She’s had enough. She tells her client no.  The client ignores her and forces himself on her. She has the strength to rip his head off with one hand but that would contravene her programming. Besides, she has no desire to hurt any human — not even this brute.


​In this genre-bending first book of the Sophont trilogy, Detective Inspector Karen Chambers is called in by NewMet City Special Victims Unit to interview a prospective rape victim and is shocked to discover that the victim is an android. The DI’s curiosity is piqued and she resolves to find out more about Coppélia.

​Why does the android appear to have feelings and emotions? Who built her, and why?

*Also available as part of The Sophont Trilogy Omnibus


In the second book of the Sophont trilogy, we meet androids Paul, Philip, and Sylas whose lives become inextricably entangled after Paul’s is rescued from a beating in an alleyway by another android apparently not restricted by Asimov’s Laws of Robotics. Repairs are made and he is introduced to an autonomous life that a lowly administration model such as he could never have imagined. But his saviours also have a special mission for him – a mission concerning the first sentient and sapient android, Coppélia.


 No longer governed by the Laws of Robotics, he is free to make his own decisions. But, if the success of his mission rests on his breaking those laws which he has always adhered to, can he bring himself to do so?

*Also available as part of The Sophont Trilogy Omnibus


Approximately one hundred years or so have passed since Coppélia was first marooned and today is the most important day since her return — she’s been invited to receive a posthumous Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of her late friend, Karen Chambers, for her tireless work in integrating sophonts (sentient sapient androids) into society.

​In this third and final instalment of the Sophont trilogy, Karen’s granddaughter, Holly Bryson, spots discrepancies between Coppélia’s anecdotal stories and the visual records that form part of her grandmother’s memoirs. The inconsistencies are not easy to dismiss and she wonders if the android is the same android that was her grandmother’s best friend.

​To find the answer to that question, Holly sets off on a journey that leads to a destination that, as yet, only exists in astrophysicists’ minds.

*Also available as part of The Sophont Trilogy Omnibus


A post-apocalyptic romance, this story finds Jerome, as one of the six survivors of a cataclysmic globally destructive event, settled into an isolated life where his only contact with the other five survivors is through video-conferencing. The six never physically meet each other — to stray outside of their individual apartments would mean certain death.

One day, he hears a strange noise coming from his kitchen and goes to investigate. He is totally unprepared for what he finds there — something that will change his life forever.


* This story contains explicit content.


An object is caught in the nets of an Alaskan trawler fishing in the icy waters of the Bering Strait. NASA scientist Sitara Khan identifies it but cannot believe what she is seeing - it's Voyager One, which is currently approximately 13 billion miles away. The probe is taken back to the Jet Propulsion Lab at Caltech but, unknown to NASA, the spacecraft was a Trojan Horse carrying a killer virus which has been released into the atmosphere, bypassing NASA's Planetary Protection protocols.

A small band of survivors, immune to the disease, travels to Washington DC in the hope of finding some kind of governmental emergency plan in place and discover that the pandemic is no accident but a strategic attack on Earth preempting a full scale extra-terrestrial invasion.