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Origins (Book One of the Eclipse Collection)


A deaf-mute child telepath grows up to become a talisman for telepath rights

Eclipse was born deaf and mute in the Blue City on planet Duoterra in the Twinsol System. Doctors have never been able to find a physical reason why she can't hear or speak but she's a smart kid and never lets her oral and auditory deficiencies get in the way of communicating with the outside world.

At the age of six orbits, an unfortunate telepathic incident at a doctor's appointment results in her having to leave the Blue City for her own safety. If she stays, she risks being arrested, experimented upon, or even killed. Her parents take her to the desert where she is raised by a community of similarly exiled telepaths until, at the age of twenty orbits, something happens that will change her life forever and draws her into the fight against The Authority, who rule the Blue City with an iron fist and would like nothing more than to wipe out telepaths, once and for all.

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