When I'm not otherwise engaged in writing, editing, and other perhaps non-author type stuff, my plan is to expand the reach of my brand and my books by creating a podcast, transferring some of my works into audiobooks, and  hopefully translating some of my stories into other languages.


I plan to create a regular podcast to help bring my books to a wider audience. The subject matter will be not only my stories themselves but also the themes and technologies that you'll find inside. I'll probably include a few readings Hopefully, I may occasionally interview other independent authors and may even give over an episode to one of them from time to time.

The podcast will be aimed at readers but, hopefully, authors will also find it fun - after all, authors are readers too. 


Another project I shall be looking into - and hopefully take up - will be to convert some of my stories to audiobooks. 

I envisage converting the Sophont trilogy first, probably not as individual books, but the omnibus version. This would possibly be followed by the Recarn Chronicles omnibus and then The Boy Who Wasn't And The Girl Who Couldn't Be.


As I live in Brazil, it makes sense that I should focus on translating my stories into Portuguese first as - if appropriate - I could make public appearances here. 

Of course, I'm not averse to having my work translated into any other language too, so I hope that other translations may be undertaken too.


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