SciFi /Thriller |  Short Novel  |  Ebook & Paperback | Book 1 of the Recarn Chronicles Trilogy


The boy looks around his room. He knows he’s lucky to have so many toys, especially considering that his mum, Hannah, is a single mother. He has a box of Lego, a Mousetrap board game (he loves to watch the red plastic basket shimmy down the yellow pole and trap his mother’s mouse), some Airfix model planes, and even a Space hopper – although he doesn’t play with it so frequently now. His favourite is his train set. Not just because it’s fun to play with but because it brings back happy memories of setting up the track with his dad. He’s going to miss his train set the most.

What happens next in this story of unbridled revenge and ambition sets in motion a chain reaction that affects the whole world and ushers in a new age of reincarnation technology that culminates with the transference of a human soul into a clone. Horrified by this affront to the sanctity of all that it means to be human, a resistance movement is formed and an unassuming accountant is inadvertently sucked into the fight against the Illuminati.

Ebook           USD 3.99

Paperback   USD 9.99


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