SciFi /Thriller |  Short Novel  |  Ebook & Paperback | Book 2 of the Recarn Chronicles Trilogy


A chance meeting in a coffee shop in Covent Garden has brought Caitlin the love of her life. He couldn’t be any more wonderful. He is loving and considerate, always buying her presents, and takes her to the very best restaurants and nightclubs. She doesn’t know exactly where Marcus works but he must be something very important in the City as they never have to queue anywhere. If he asks her to marry him, she’s certain she’ll say yes.

In this second book of The Recarn Chronicles trilogy, we watch as Caitlin’s world tumbles around her when she discovers Marcus’s true identity. Horrified that she could have fallen for such a man, she sets out to take her revenge, a venture that fails spectacularly and she finds herself imprisoned in a stasis-pod, only released occasionally to satisfy Marcus’s basest desires.

Caitlin’s resistance fighter sister, Michelle, has no choice but to choose family over freedom fighting and – with help from very unexpected quarters – try to find and rescue her sister.

Ebook           USD 3.99

Paperback   USD 9.99


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