Short Stories (e-books only)


A couple, Daniel and Melody,  sharing a romantic meal together at a swanky restaurant  culminates in a birthday wish granted;


Warning sirens wail, heralding an impending nuclear attack. Duggan and his family don't have long to get away to safety.


Terçaterran cosmic archaeologists on Mars are looking for artefacts that will shed light on their own prehistoric history. One of them,  Lopata, finds something.


As the first human to set foot on Pluto, Commander Lewis Harding expected to see amazing sights and experience incredible emotions. And he did too! He experienced love. But the course of true love never does run smooth.


A short story writer is given a writing prompt and a word count target. He sits down at his computer to start writing, but his mind goes blank. Help comes from an unexpected and absurd quarter, allowing him to meet his target.


A couple is stripped of any vestige of humanity and civilization at the latest entertainment experience, being rendered feral for an afternoon. Later they will watch their antics on video in the comfort of their own home. They are not prepared for what they see.


Just like any other ten-year-old, Simon likes playing with his train set, playing outside with his friends, and watching his favourite TV show. But Simon has a secret. He's a Recarn, one of the 5% of humans who remember their past lives. And he bears a grudge that needs paying for.


Charles lives alone in a sparsely furnished and remote shed but he isn't a hermit. Why doesn't he just go back to the city and live a normal life?


The world as we know it is gone, fallen to a zombie apocalypse. A man is trying to make his way to an abandoned military compound which – if rumours are true – has been turned into a safe haven by human survivors.