Waking up in the Intensive Care Unit of a hospital isn't anybody's idea of fun, but to wake up hooked up to a Life Support Machine and completely paralysed – so much so that you can't blink, speak, or show any sign that will alert medical staff that you're still alive – has to be the pits.


That's what happens to Arnold Leadbetter. Doctors say that he will never recover and his wife agrees with them that the kindest thing would be to turn off the machine that’s keeping him alive. It's switched off, and there's nothing Arnold can do about it.


He's declared brain dead and sent off to the hospital mortuary but that's where his problems really begin. Inside his husk of a body, he's still alive. Well, sort of...


His death spirals out of his control and he's thrust into a secret world where zombies, vampires, and werewolves exist and where he's completely out of his depth, a "dead" fish out of water.


Life can be hard but Arnold never expected death to be so tough too...


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