Arnold The Undead

Comedy-Horror  |  Novella  |  Ebook Only


A flurry of activity takes over the Intensive Care Unit as medical staff go about their tasks preparing the room for a critically ill patient. The doors of the ICU burst open and a gurney is pushed to the side of the bed. Doctors and nurses take their positions either side of the gurney and expertly transfer the patient to the bed. Fortunately, Arnold Leadbetter is unaware of what is going on, his comatose state shielding him from the circumstances that he now finds himself in.


Unfortunately, not every disease is curable and Arnold’s prognosis is a life hooked up to a Life Support machine, his body paralysed and in a coma. A decision is made to switch off the machine.


In this comedy horror, that could be described as “An American Werewolf In London” meets “Weekend At Bernie’s”, Arnold finds that death is definitely not what he expected it to be, as he is pitched into a world of soft-porn movie-makers, zombies, vampires, and werewolves.

Ebook           USD 2.99

Paperback   USD 6.99


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