The Podcast: Short Is The New Long

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'Short Is The New Long' is a podcast which is hosted by independent authors Greg Krojac and Adam Stump, geared towards the writers and readers of short reads – short stories, novellas, and short novels (up to around 60,000 words). Although Adam and Greg write mostly science fiction, we hope that readers and writers from ALL genres will get involved.

We'll have episodes about writing, reviews of short reads, excerpt readings from short reads, and guests too – not just writers but also readers to talk about their favourite short reads. If anyone has any ideas for content, we'd be glad to hear from you via any of the social media outlets or by email at

Regarding excerpt readings, if authors want to record audio of themselves reading an excerpt, (hearing the author reading from their own work always adds something extra to the experience), we could dedicate an additional episode to that reading.

You can join our Facebook group at, like our Facebook page at Short Is The New Long - The Podcast. You can also follow us on Twitter at and Instagram at www.instagram/sitnlpodcast

We hope you'll listen and, more importantly, enjoy the podcast.