Judd Witherspoon grew up being shunned and ridiculed by the feline-eyed Duoterrans for what they considered to be a deformity – his round eyes, a throwback to his Terran human ancestors. But his tough upbringing paid dividends – it drove him to become a successful self-employed courier, travelling the hostile Corridors of the planet, delivering valuable documents and packages. He’s the best at what he does.


Stopping overnight at a settlement called The Spring, he meets Chiara, a fellow throwback, whose sparkling eyes and irresistible sense of fun makes him feel alive again. It’s been eight orbits since he lost his wife at the Battle of Paradise Cove and perhaps it’s time to move on.


Chiara joins Judd on his journey but may soon regret her decision. The road ahead is fraught with danger and Judd will risk anything and everything to protect this particular cargo. It has great personal significance to him and he’ll let nothing prevent the small graphene box from reaching its destination.


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