Judd's Errand

SciFi / Mad Max Style  |  Novella  |  Ebook Only

It’s not often that anyone gets the jump on Judd Witherspoon. The man seems to have a sixth sense for trouble. This time is an exception. On his feet in an instant, he finds himself facing the double barrels of a shotgun blaster. He eyes the would-be robber with a steely gaze.

“I’d point that gun away from me and walk away if I were you.”

The man with the gun sneers.

“Good job I ain’t you then.”

Judd offers his terms for the man’s life again.

“I’m giving you a chance. Walk away now and I’ll pretend this never happened.”

The man can tell that Judd's a courier and couriers carry valuable cargo. He cocks the hammer of the vintage weapon. Before the man has a chance to pull the trigger, Judd’s hand reaches over his right shoulder and draws his razor-sharp machete from its sheath. In an instant, the blade slices into the man’s torso, slashes through his ribs, and cuts his heart in two whilst still inside his body.

In a Mad Max-style story, Judd Witherspoon, a courier on the planet Duoterra, braves bear-wolf attacks and ambushes by Sifter gangs in order to deliver a precious graphene package to Paradise Cove.

Ebook           USD 2.99


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