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Judd's Errand


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 Judd is willing to risk his own life to protect and deliver a precious graphene package to Paradise Cove.

Judd Remington is a throwback, different from his fellow Duoterrans in that he has the round eyes of his Terran ancestors, and not the cat-like eyes of the majority of the planet’s inhabitants.

Finding a niche for himself, he sets himself up as a courier, ferrying packages and documents between the planet’s settlements, via the inter-city corridor network that protects travellers from the searing heat of the surrounding desert.

It’s a dangerous job, not just because of potential bear-wolf attacks but the risk of being ambushed by sifters, roving bandits who prey on the corridors. And this time his cargo is different.

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5.0 Rating


Judd’s Errand by Greg Krojac is a wildly fun romp through a Mad Max-type future and follows the seminal adventure of an apocalyptic courier and his unlikely companion as they race across a desert world and face nearly certain death to complete a delivery of utmost importance. You won’t be able to put down this novella, and when you reach the end, you will be left hungry for the next installment. An excellently crafted story, told by a master of the English language, Greg Krojac does not disappoint with this new foray into a shocking world of harsh life and even harsher death. Not for the faint of heart, this book will both disturb and encourage you.

Adam J Stump

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