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Book 3 of the SOPHONT trilogy
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Coppélia has returned but there's something different about her. What could it be?

Approximately one hundred years or so have passed since Coppélia was first marooned and today is the most important day since her return — she’s been invited to receive a posthumous Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of her late friend, Karen Chambers, for her tireless work in integrating sophonts (sentient sapient androids) into society.

​In this third and final instalment of the Sophont trilogy, Karen’s granddaughter, Holly Bryson, spots discrepancies between Coppélia’s anecdotal stories and the visual records that form part of her grandmother’s memoirs. The inconsistencies are not easy to dismiss and she wonders if the android is the same android that was her grandmother’s best friend.

​To find the answer to that question, Holly sets off on a journey that leads to a destination that, as yet, only exists in astrophysicists’ minds.​

*Also available as part of The Sophont Trilogy Omnibus

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