REULEAUX'S PORTAL: Book 3 of the SOPHONT Trilogy


Coppélia seems different, somehow. Karen’s granddaughter, Holly Bryson, notices some discrepancies between her grandmother’s video-memories and those of the android. The records should be identical, but they’re not.  Something doesn’t add up.


An incredible conclusion is drawn, but it’s still only a hypothesis and needs to be proven or disproven. As Captain of the Space Cruiser, the Sir Isaac Newton, Holly, her Chief Medical Officer husband, Simon, and Coppélia, set off on a rescue mission that leads to their ship inadvertently passing through Reuleaux’s Portal and into a world that they would never have thought possible in their wildest dreams.


What should have been a simple rescue mission turns into an experience that defies the laws of physics, as the crew of the Sir Isaac Newton are caught in the middle of a struggle between androids and a technophobic human regime.


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