The Boy Who Wasn't And The Girl Who Couldn't Be

SciFi / Post-Apocalyptic Romance  |  Short Novel  |  Ebook & Paperback 

Jerome walks over to the giant monitor screen and switches it on before taking a seat on his sofa. A public service announcement displays. He tries changing the channel but all the other channels appear to be off air. A voice speaks.

“Good morning, Jerome. An apocalyptic event has befallen planet earth. You are one of six survivors.”

Jerome doesn’t know whether he should feel happy that he survived or sad that the rest of humanity has perished. The voice continues.

“Food and clothing will be provided for you. Your need for social interaction will be via video-conferencing with the other five survivors. Unfortunately, you may not meet them in person – the environment outside your apartment is toxic and any attempt to leave will result in your death.”

A post-apocalyptic romance, this story finds Jerome settling into his new solitary and regimented life. One day his world is turned upside when he discovers a girl who shouldn’t exist in his kitchen. At first, he is frightened of her but, as he gets to know her, she introduces him to a world of human experiences that he could never have imagined.


Ebook           USD 3.99

Paperback   USD 7.99


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