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The Boy Who Wasn't And The Girl Who Couldn't Be


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Jerome has never seen a woman in real life. But that's about to change

A post-apocalyptic romance, this story finds Jerome, as one of the six survivors of a cataclysmic globally destructive event, settled into an isolated life where his only contact with the other five survivors is through video-conferencing. The six never physically meet each other — to stray outside of their individual apartments would mean certain death.

One day, he hears a strange noise coming from his kitchen and goes to investigate. He is totally unprepared for what he finds there — something that will change his life forever.

*Contains explicit scenes

*Contains explicit scenes
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4.0 Rating


Imagine living in a post apocalyptic world where nobody has ever touched another person. Never felt the wind in their hair or felt the warmth of the sun on their face. Imagine living in a sterile, computer controlled environment where everything you do is controlled by a schedule, and your only interaction with others is via a sophisticated TV screen.
How on earth is boy supposed to meet girl, fall in love and live happily ever after?
That’s the conundrum facing Jerome Cooper. For as he soon discovers, love finds a way. . .

Mr A Weston

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