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The Janus Project


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A serial killer's clone is brought in to help identify the murderer

In this sci-fi thriller, a serial killer is terrorizing a city but the police have no leads until the murderer makes a mistake and leaves DNA on the body of his latest victim. However, analysis of the sample does nothing to help the police investigation. The perpetrator is not in the system – an impossibility, since everybody is in the system.

How can the police catch the killer if they have no identifying data? A forensic scientist comes up with an innovative solution which takes the criminal investigation into the ethical minefield of human cloning.

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4.5 Rating


A serial killer is on the run and the police department is trying to find them before they hit again. Except that this killer usually leaves no evidence whatsoever. Until during the last victim's vitropsy, when Chief Forensics Officer Elijah Boniface discovers traces of DNA that don’t belong to the dead woman. That usually leads to identifying the perpetrator because everyone is tagged in the system when they’re born. But not this person. The killer is not in the system, which is impossible.
Back to square one, Elijah suggests using a new technology, something never tried before: creating a clone of the killer to see their face and identify them somehow. They call this the Janus Project.

This sci-fi thriller by Greg Krojac is another one of his fast paced adventures. A page turner I read over a weekend. Krojac’s prose is fluid as usual and up until the end I’ve kept wondering what would happen to the clone after the capture of the killer. Since we follow the killer’s moves from the start, the story is not much about finding who they are (we already know) but about what happens to the clone next. I must admit that the ethical issue of creating a clone was addressed only slightly, and that’s what mostly bothered me about this book. As a Krojac fan, I still think it’s a great read.

Keyla D.

A melhor parte do livro que você achando que sabe o que vai acontecer e como vai acontecer, mas tem várias reviravoltas na história, e a ideia de misturar ciência e mistério deixa tudo mais emocionante. Além disso, você extramamente curioso com Janus Project e o final SEM PALAVRAS, não esperava nada aquilo, esse livro deixa também um espaço aberto para sua imaginação e alguns questionamentos. Bom, vale a muito a pena a leitura



The best part of the book is that you think you know what's going to happen and how it's going to happen, but it has a lot of plot twists, and the idea of mixing science and mystery makes it all the more exciting. In addition, you are extremely curious about Janus Project and the ending LEFT ME SPEECHLESS! I didn't expect anything like that. This book also leaves an open space for your imagination and some questions. Well worth the read


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