Vape-smoking homicide detective, DI Richard Crossman, is called to a large oak tree by the river under which lies the naked and mutilated body of a young woman. This is the third victim in as many weeks, each with the same MO. The threshold has been crossed – a serial killer is at large.


The murderer is meticulously careful and Chief Forensics Officer Elijah Boniface isn’t expecting to find any evidence that could identify the murderer during the virtopsy. But this time the killer has slipped up. There is DNA evidence.


Celebrations are short-lived. The killer’s DNA isn't in the system, which is impossible. Everybody’s DNA is in the database – there are no exceptions. The system is infallible. At least it’s always been thought to be. All they know is that he is a male Caucasian


The police are at a loss as to how to stop the Box-Cutter Killer from continuing his killing spree until Elijah suggests an innovative and radical solution that involves cutting edge cloning technology.


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