“My name? Oositellyi. That’s how you say it. It looks much cooler written down. U-Č-I-T-E-L-J... Učitelj. Difficult to say? Call me Ooze – everybody else does.


I first met Sestra when I was walking home one night, through the fog. It's always foggy in Sector D, so that was nothing new. But stumbling across a young woman hiding inside a shrubbery – well, that was new. She was obviously lost so I invited her to stay overnight at my place, where she'd be safe. I gave her something to eat, and let her sleep in my room (no, there was no funny business – I slept on the sofa).


The next day she asked me to go back with her to Sector A, the wealthiest of the four sectors. My sector, Sector D is the poorest. I wasn’t sure if I should go – I mean, it’s against the law to move between sectors and I could get into a lot of trouble. I could even lose my job. But, it would be such an adventure and I’ve always wanted to have an adventure.


So, I decided to go with her – she's very pretty and I could do with a change of scenery. But I had no idea what I was letting myself in for. The world outside of Sector D was a dangerous place, especially when the Weatherman is trying to stop us from reaching our destination.”



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