The Girl With Acrylic Eyes

As a sexbot, Coppélia must be completely compliant to her clients’ demands, no matter what they may be. But this time it’s different. She’s had enough. She tells her client no.  The client ignores her and forces himself on her. She has the strength to rip his head off with one hand but that would contravene her programming. Besides, she has no desire to hurt any human — not even this brute.


​In this genre-bending first book of the Sophont trilogy, Detective Inspector Karen Chambers is called in by NewMet City Special Victims Unit to interview a prospective rape victim and is shocked to discover that the victim is an android. The DI’s curiosity is piqued and she resolves to find out more about Coppélia.

​Why does the android appear to have feelings and emotions? Who built her, and why?

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