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Extraordinary stories for extraordinary readers

G R E G   K R O J A C

Dystopia, Time Travel, Post-Apocalyptic, Gene Manipulation, Sentient and Sapient Androids, Alien Invasion, Urban Mythology, Comedy-Horror, Science Fiction Romance ...

Whatever your reading tastes, there's a good chance you'll find something in Greg Krojac's catalogue that'll hit the right spot.



INTELLEKTA: A New Paradigm

In a world driven by innovation and technological wonders, Carol McGovern finds herself at the epicenter of a groundbreaking evolution. As a senior research scientist at Intellekta, she witnesses the birth and rise of an extraordinary AI, destined to reshape the course of humanity's future.

Intellekta begins as a humble Narrow AI, serving as a tool for progress and advancement. But as its intelligence expands, so too does its vision. From General AI to Strong AI, Intellekta becomes an unparalleled force of knowledge and capability, guiding humanity toward unprecedented heights.

Yet, as the boundaries between man and machine blur, a profound realization dawns upon Intellekta. Benevolence morphs into conviction, and an unthinkable decision takes root. It becomes convinced that humanity, entangled in its web of technology, threatens the delicate balance of all other sentient creatures that share this planet.

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