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Dystopia, Time Travel, Post-Apocalyptic, Gene Manipulation, Sentient and Sapient Androids, Alien Invasion, Urban Mythology, Comedy-Horror, Science Fiction Romance ...

Whatever your reading tastes, there's a good chance you'll find something in Greg Krojac's portfolio that'll hit the right spot.

My Books

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A mysterious young woman persuades a teacher to abandon his home and join her on a forbidden quest.


A young British guy, a Brazilian tourist, and a disabled dog trek westwards seeking safety after a nuclear attack.


A clone of a serial killer is created by scientists to help police find the man that's terrorizing a city's women.

A sexbot complains to police that it has been sexually assaulted, causing DI Kate Chambers to realize that Coppélia is no ordinary android.

Book 1 of a trilogy

An android is saved from attack by a sapient android who offers autonomy. But the price of freedom is high.

Book 2 of a trilogy

Something about a rescued android doesn't add up. Holly Bryson  journeys into space to solve the mystery.

Book 3 of a trilogy

Jerome, one of only six survivors of an apocalyptic event, is shocked to find a strange young woman in his kitchen.


Voyager 1 is found bobbing in the waters of the Bering Sea. But it's supposed to be 20 billion kilometers out in space.


Eclipse was born deaf and mute in the Blue City on planet Duoterra but, when there is a purge of telepaths she finds her true calling.


Sereia wakes up on the morning of her eighteenth birthday and discovers she's turned into a mermaid.


A killer asteroid is heading on a collision course with Earth. Plans are underway to deflect it but there will be unexpected consequences


A courier on a distant planet is prepared to risk his life to deliver an unremarkable graphene box to Paradise Cove.


Becoming a zombie was bad enough, but Arnold isn't prepared for what comes next, when he meets a vampire named Trevor.


Aristotle fears for his job as a Temporal Private Investigator when people start disappearing from the current timeline


17-year-old Reece has no idea what he wants to do when he leaves school but now the decision is out of his hands

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