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Intellekta: A New Paradigm

Imagine an artificial intelligence that evolves to be so powerful that it becomes divine.

Voyager One: The Homecoming

The Voyager One space probe is simultaneously bobbing up and down in the icy waters of the Bering Strait and 13 billion miles away in outer space. Is this the ultimate paradox?

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Time Thief

The pioneers of time travel are disappearing from the timeline before Aristotle's very eyes. If he can't restore the timeline - or, at least, save the rest of the team who discovered time travel - he'll be out of a job.

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Copper & Diva

COMING  2024

Two cyborgs, one an ex-model and the other an ex-cop, team up to become intergalactic bounty hunters

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Twilight At Noon

A nuclear attack brings together two strangers from opposite sides of the globe on a quest to find safety

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The Reaper

A deaf-mute child grows up to become a talisman for telepath rights

Coming 2024

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A teenager discovers the consequences of personal freedom taken to extremes.

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