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My life's been a bit of a wild ride, from troubleshooting tech as a software tester to embracing the art of teaching English in the northeast of Brazil. It's been quite the plot twist, I'd say. Back in 2016, I decided to toss my hat into the literary ring, and guess what? It fitted! Since then, I've published seven novels, seven novellas, and a handful of short stories — kind of like a literary buffet, if you will. In 2024, I'll be releasing two more stories ('Eclipse' and 'Copper & Diva') to be followed up in 2025 with 'The Boy Who Killed The World'.

Ever since I was knee-high to a cyberman, watching Doctor Who from behind the safety of the couch (a shared ritual with legions of British kids, it seems), I've been hooked on the science fiction genre. It felt only natural to channel this passion into my writing. I have dipped my toes into the waters of Horror but who doesn't like a little genre-hopping? Sticking to just one sub-genre of sci-fi? That's not for me. I prefer a more scenic route, drawing inspiration from every nook and cranny I stumble upon to craft stories that are, well, uniquely mine.

I'm originally from the southeast of England, but in 2007, I uprooted my life and planted it in Brazil. It's here that I share a home with my wife, Eliene, our little pack of dogs, and the (disputed) boss of the house, our cat. When I'm not glued to my writing desk (or otherwise involved in the book world) or teaching, I'm cheering Eliene on in her astonishing amateur running career— she's got over forty race wins. And when the day winds down, you'll find me watching movies or rooting for Tottenham Hotspur (my Premier League team). So, that's me in a nutshell—part-time wordsmith, full-time adventurer, and dealing with whatever unexpected plot twist life throws my way.


I'm inspired by a variety of things - a phrase, an image, a concept as yet undeveloped, a video. The list goes on. For example, 'The Girl With Acrylic Eyes' was inspired by both the ballet 'Coppélia' and a video by the acclaimed astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson.



I'm a pantser or, as some might say, a discovery writer. That means that I create as I write. I don't plan the story beforehand like plotters do, preferring a more organic approach. In this way, I find that my creative juices flow unhindered by formula. And I'm in good company - Horror-thriller writer Steven King is a pantser too!

To write fiction you need a vivid imagination. After all, you are the ultimate Creator - a god to your characters, if you will. You mold them into who they are and decide what they do or don't do, albeit often subconsciously. The environments they inhabit are worlds that you create. You define the laws, customs, and consequences of actions that occur in those worlds. Your actors and their stage owe everything to you.

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