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The Reaper


17-year-old Reece has no idea what he wants to do when he leaves school but now the decision is out of his hands

Reece Williams is a normal seventeen-year-old schoolboy who has no real idea what he wants to do with his life. But that all changes when he has a consultation with a career advice counsellor and discovers that his destiny is already mapped out for him.. He is to become a Reaper, reporting to Mr Grimm.

Leaving the corporeal world behind for the ethereal, the young apprentice Reece learns how to reap and soon discovers he's not best suited for the job. However, reaping isn't the kind of job where a resignation letter is enough to leave.

The Reaper has been described as a sci-fi parable on the consequences of personal freedom taken to extremes.

Is freedom of choice an illusion?

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